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Top blue one is Beast, aka Hank McCoy, you should know this from when we watched X-Men: First Class! Remember!

The one to the left of that is Havok aka Alex Summers. He’s also in X-Men: First Class but looks like this:

The dark skinned one with the Sailor Moon tiara is Luke Cage who I think makes an appearance on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but other than that you wouldn’t be familiar with him. He’s an Avenger and looks like this:

The black one with little ears is Black Panther aka T’Challa. I definitely know he’s on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and has a pretty big role! So yeah, he’s an Avenger, too. Picture:

And the silvery one down at the bottom is Colossus (aka Piotr Rasputin)! I know Paisley and others have posted about him in the past. He also has a small role in the second X-Men movie. 

And the last blue one is Nightcrawler (aka Kurt Wagner)! Who had a really big role in the second X-Men movie and was on the show X-Men: Evolution! I feel like you might’ve known this one but it’s hard to tell on my shirt because they’re small. Anyway, pictures:

  1. louisnicks said: i recognized almost all of them im quite proud of myself
  2. caslinproductions said: Well I couldn’t have been like “all those ones at the top that I dont know” bc that wouldnt have been helpful. I thought that was Beast and Black Panther. I definitely didnt know Havok or Luke Cage or Colossus. Ohh, right! I knew Nightcrawler!
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